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Laurie Lee Brom grew up in the historical town of Charleston, South Carolina, the local ghost stories and folk tales of the swampy Low County, and rich Gullah culture stirring her imagination. She spent untold hours pursuing pixies and tree frogs in the hollow logs and Pluff Mud of her own backyard. Today she still pursues fairy folk along with all manner of curious ghosts and odd characters in her enchanting portraits and paintings.

To inquire about paintings, commissions or other, please send a note to Laurie at: (insert @ symbol)

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Atlanta College of Art, Parsons School of Design

Shows and Exhibitions

Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle, Copro Gallery in LA, Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, The LA Art Fair, Modern Eden in San Francisco, The Society of Illustrators in NYC, Bumbershoot music and arts festival Seattle, the Riverside Art Museum, Abend Gallery in Denver, Haven Gallery in NY, Babytattooville Annual Show, Spectrum Fantastic Art Show, IX Imaginative Realism Show.

Art Anthologies 

Women Painting Women, ARC (Art Renewal Center), Spectrum Fantastic Art, IX Imaginative Realism, Women of Wonder. 

Awards, Juries and Honors

Spectrum Silver award in Institutional catagory, Artist guest of Honor at Babytattoovile, Artist guest of Honor at Spectrum Live, Juror for Spectrum Fantastic Art Anthology.